Monster 7' USB Cable with LED Powerflow Indicator 119067-00

by Monster
66 Available


  • Additional Part Number: HTUPUSBPF-7
  • Cable Length: 7'
  • Advanced SingleHelix windings delivers 500MHz bandwidth and up to 480Mbps for ultra-fast data transfer
  • High-Density triple layer shielding rejects RF and EM interference for the most reliable data transfer possible
  • Extra-heavy-gauge power conductor ensures maximum power transfer
  • Precision 24k Gold contact connectors maximize corrosion resistance and signal transfer
  • Blinking LED Powerflow Indicator lets you know you have proper USB connections
  • Improved USB 2.0 Compatibility
  • Advanced Monster Technologies deliver ultra-fast data transfer and all the increased bandwidth today’s USB device's demand.
  • Left Connector: 4 pin USB Type A - male
  • Right Connector: 4 pin USB Type B - male