Sony Jak X: Combat Racing Greatest Hits for PS2 74292-NEW

by Sony
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  • Jak X: Combat Racing Game Disc


  • Game Rating: T
  • Sony's fourth Jak and Dexter game, JAK X: COMBAT RACING for the PS2, takes the series away from its action/adventure roots and into the world of combat racing
  • More than 10 racing tracks with 20 configurations -- plus reverse and mirror design for greater diversity
  • Collect weapons and power-ups like projectile weapons, ranged weapons, smart bombs, mines, catastrophic attacks, turbos, shields and more featuring various character drivers to choose from
  • Multiple play modes and non-linear progression - Racing, Time Trial, Time Box, Death Match and Team Death Match
  • Destructible elements within each track provides players additional challenge and fun
  • Add all kinds of accessories to your vehicles, including body parts, accoutrements, decals, paint patterns and colors, along with other special mods