BellAire 3000 120V 150 PSI Tire Inflator BellAire3000

by BellAire
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Package Includes;

  • BallAire 3000 Tire Inflator
  • Inflator Instruction Manual
  • 4 Plug and Go Tire Plugs
  • Digital Tire Gauge
  • Neoprene Storage Pouch


  • 12V tire inflator
  • Fast five minute fill time
  • Dial gauge with auto shut-off
  • 2' air hose
  • Needle and raft adapters for versatility
  • Flexible LED work light for safety and precision
  • Portable tire inflator is designed to be kept in your car or truck at all times for easy access
  • BellAire tire inflator keeps your tires at the right pressure