Atari Flashback 5 Classic Game Console Special Edition AR2660WD

by Atari
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Package Includes:

  • Atari Flashback 5 Classic Game Console
  • 92 Built-in Games that Defined a generation
  • Two Wired Controllers
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Manual


  • Atari Flashback 5 Wired Classic Game Console. The Classic is Back - this time with even more great games and a BONUS pair of paddle controllers! Atari Flashback 5 is the return of the ever popular Atari games inside a classic game console. Features 92 Atari games built-in that defined a generation and two wired Atari Flashback 2600 classic joystick controllers plus a pair of paddle controllers . The Atari Flashback 5 fully supports Plug & Play on ANY TV (AV cable included) and has an AC adapter included to power the console. From Asteriods and Missile Command to Space Invaders and Yar's Revenge - the classics are all here!