Motorola SD4505 Cell Phone Dock Module for SD4500 System Phones

by Motorola
1 Available

Package Includes:

  • Motorola SD4505 Cell Phone Dock Module
  • Telephone Power Supply Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Guide


  • Cell Phone Docking Station
  • Receive / Make Cell Calls on Any SD4500 System Handset
  • Cell Phone Calls Ring to All SD4500 Handsets
  • Charges Compatible Motorola Cell Phones
  • Use Your Cell Phone as an Additional Line or Eliminate Your Landline
  • Place Docking Station Where Your Cell Phone Gets the Best Reception
  • Upload Cell Phone Phonebook to SD4500 Handsets
  • Compatible Motorola Cell Phone Models:
  • A630, C343, T300P, T720C, T722I, V120C, C120E, C120T, V265, V300, V400, V551, V600, V60C, V60IC, V60IT, V60IS, V60P, V66, V70, V710
  • Will Not Work Without: Motorola SD4591, SD4581, SD4561, or SD4551