Top 5 Computer Tricks You Didn’t Know About!

Do you ever wonder how people are experts at using their computers? They have probably learned several computer tricks to help them for a variety of reasons. Whether you are an expert or beginner, you will certainly become better at using a computer after reading this article! Here are 5 computer tricks that are extremely useful!


1. Undo Your Action

When you’re browsing through your files to search for a specific document or picture, you might move or delete the file by accident. Have NO fear! Windows 10 offers an easy solution to fix the problem. By clicking CTRL + Z at the same time on your keyboard, you can undo the action you accidentally did. This will save you time by not having to search for the file again!

2. Improve the Hardware of Your PC

You are typically able to push the limits of your computer. You can increase the storage size of your Hard Drive or switch to a Solid-State Drive (we recommend doing this). You can increase the amount of RAM of your computer as well. A quick Google search of your computer’s model and capabilities can be found online. Go your local Computer Repair Store to get professional help if you are not familiar with the hardware of your PC.

3. Alarms and Stop-Watches Can Be Set

Instead of searching for an online alarm or stop-watch, it can set on your Windows 10 PC as well. Whether it be setting an alarm or keeping track of time, Windows 10 has got you covered.

Using the followings step to find the Alarms & Clock App.

Click on the Search Bar button.

Type Alarms & Clock into the search bar below and select the Alarms & Clock Button.

4. Run Systeminfo into the Command Prompt to See Information About Your Computer

The command prompt offers a unique way to see information about your computer. Whether it be information about your computer’s manufacturer or processor, it tells you everything you want to know.

Using the followings step to Run Systeminfo.

Right click the Start menu button.

Select the Run button.

Type Systeminfo into the search bar and select OK.

A similar window containing all your PC’s info should appear.


5. Lock your Computer Instantly

Do you ever want to keep your computer on but just log out of your account? By clicking CTRL + L  at the same time on your keyboard while on the home screen of your PC, it will instantly lock your computer. This function will not restart or shut down your computer! This will save you time if you’re ever in hurry or need to lock your computer so people do not have access to it.


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