5 Simple Tips to Improve Your Computer Skills!

There are many simple tricks and tips to improve your computer skills. Here are five easy tricks to improving your overall computer skills. Chances are you are already familiar with them, but some of these skills you might not be familiar with. It’s worth to check out the list below.

1. Everything is Faster with Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts provide an easier method to using computer programs. The following are easy keyboard shortcuts that can be used to speed up what you’re doing.

Cut, Copy and Paste

CTRL + X – Cut the selected item.

CTRL + C – Copy the selected item

CTRL + V – Paste the selected item

Reverse an Action You Didn’t Mean To Do

CTRL + Z – Undo an Action.

Task Manager

CTRL + SHIFT + ESC – Opens the Task Manager.

Choosing an Open Tab

CTRL + ALT + TAB – Switches between Open Tabs.

Lock Your Computer Screen

CTRL + L – Locks your PC

2. Regular Software Updates For Your Computer

Doing regular software updates on your computer is extremely important. Software updates can include security fixes, new or enhances features, and even better compatibility for applications and devices. They can improve the overall stability of your Windows Operating System.

Use the following steps to update your computer.

Click the Start menu button.

Click the Settings button.

Click the Update & Security button.

Choose Windows Update in the sidebar.

Select Check for Updates button.


3. Protect Your Computer From Viruses

Viruses wreak havoc on your Window’s computer. It takes your computer’s processing power to spam you with unwanted advertisements. It will eventually corrupt your Windows OS if not taken care of properly and immediate. Using FREE Anti-Virus Software, you can remove the virus from your computer with ease. Be sure to download ONLY 1 Anti-Virus Software because if you download multiple Anti-Virus Softwares, they will compete against each other and ultimately slow down your computer. Click on the link below to download the Anti-Virus Software that we recommend.


4. Don't Type Usernames or Passwords

It’s tough to remember of all the usernames and passwords you have for different websites. Whether it be accessing your Facebook or logging into your bank account, using a username and password manager can save you a significant amount of time. Using Apple iCloud Keychain or Google Chrome’s AutoFill, username and password managers come quite in handy. These programs are quite secure and are better than manually typing in your username and password every time you want to log into your account.

5. Enabling 'Night Mode' on Your Computer

Computer screens emit blue light that could be a factor of what keeps you up at night. Using the FREE program called F.lux can change the color of your computer screen to a warmer color that is less sensitive to your eyes. This is help you sleep better at night or even make your computer look more aesthetically pleasing. Click on the link below to download F.lux.



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